Have you been converted? LP GAS 1 can make your conversion process as simple as getting a service. We can have your vehicle running on clean green LPG within 1 to 2 days.


  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Expert service and advice
  • Technically advanced systems
  • Reduced green house gasses
  • Excellent performance and driveability
  • Leading system warranty (up to 3 years or 100,000km)
  • A vehicle with improved resale value
  • Regulated to Australian Standards


Our trained and accredited LP GAS 1 installers will first carry out an assessment of your vehicle to select the correct LPG systems for you. They will discuss with you what LPG capacity your vehicle will have and your preferred location for the LPG cylinder. They will then also discuss the location of your Filler and LPG change over switch. In most cases the filler can be located within the original petrol filler compartment.

Once the above items are discussed your vehicle can be converted. Our trained technicians will Install all of the components, conduct a safety check, and then perform a performance and operation check. This is all usually complete within the 1 to 2 days which will be negotiated prior to LPG installation.

When you return to pick up the vehicle, our trained technicians will guide you through the features of your new system with full explanation of how to operate it.

Before you leave your installer will also discuss your LPG system servicing requirements. This is much the same as any vehicle servicing and can in fact be done at the same time. You will have a service reminder on your windscreen as you are already used to for your petrol system.