LP GAS 1 gives you the opportunity to invest in your own ability and the ever growing LPG and car service market.

The government has stated the rebate for used vehicles and $2000 for new vehicles shall be available until the 30th June 2014! This demonstrates the benefit of an organised industry and a supported industry development program in this guaranteed on-going market. There is obviously value in creating industry mass. All you need is the right vehicle.

With over 14 million motor vehicles in Australia, the car servicing & LPG market is a multi billion dollar industry, and one which keeps on growing.

LP GAS 1 provides a trusted name, and is clearly recognised as the industry leader in specialised LPG installations & servicing market. We will continue to grow this public awareness and continue to provide state of the art equipment at a great price.

What do I get as an LP GAS 1 Authorised Installer?

  • Technical back up
  • Great products  
  • National purchasing with price advantages on equipment, parts and services
  • Technical and business training
  • Marketing programs including Radio, web, and print
  • Facility Signage

You will have professional support in administration, marketing and the technical side of the business.  As well as making regular visits, LP GAS 1 will maintain contact and communication to give you all the information you need to succeed.

You'll benefit from true national marketing, with internet advertising plus a broad range of advertising and promotional packages that will run in your local area.

At LP GAS 1 we are always seeking to improve our current services and carefully evaluating new products and innovations. LP GAS 1 have never believed in standing still. Our proactive team always ensure LP GAS 1 are the leaders in LPG conversions and services.